Love Sashimi? Come to Shinto!


Love Sashimi? Come to Shinto!

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Sashimi is One of Our Specialties

  • Grab a friend who loves sashimi and make a Shinto date!
  • Or try one of our other specialties:
    • Shrimp Tempura
    • Calamari Teriyaki
    • Yaki Udon
    • California Rolls
    • Salmon Rolls
  • From the waiters to the cooks to the food, we never cut corners on quality at Shinto Sushi at Freedom Commons.
  • Our cooks are masters at their craft, and they know how to whip up a top-notch dinner for a whole family in record time. Additionally, they utilize the best ingredients and tools of the trade, so they’re able to work better and create tastier plates.
  • Our servers know how to treat customers with respect and courtesy.
  • They understand the art of service and are masters at making you feel at home and at ease.
  • You’ll be impressed by their speed, personalities, and friendliness as they ensure that you’re taken care of and having a good time.
  • Visit us today or call us at (331) 204-5703 to place a pickup or catering order.
  • You can reserve a table or order online here>>
We recommend reservations for your Sashimi Date. Check online or with restaurant for more details.

The Meaning of Shinto
We often receive the question “What does Shinto mean?” from our guests. It means “the way of the gods” and is deeply rooted in pre-historic Japanese agricultural and religious practices. These gods can be represented in the form of places, animals, natural objects and even human beings. Rituals and celebrations of Shinto honor harmony between humans and nature.
Once the Japanese believed that their gods resided in nature, Shinto shrines were places near beautiful and unusual parts of the environment. Common locations for rituals were by waterfalls and mountain tops. The key values of Shinto are to be helpful, pure of heart and grateful without any thought of reward. Another important part of Shinto is living in peace and prosperity.
We model our entire company around this culture. In reference to Shinto Sushi, we offer only the best in quality, service and atmosphere, thus providing an ultimate Shinto dining experience. Our sushi and Japanese meals are loved throughout the community. We invite you in to try everything from our featured sushi rolls from our sushi bar to our bento box and teriyaki lunch specials. We have soups, salads, and a kid’s menu so that the whole family can enjoy. If you love sushi as much as we do, join us today to experience firsthand “the way of the gods”!