Flights Around the World

Morton's The Steakhouse

Flights Around the World

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Take Your Tastebuds on a World Tour

  • Join us for Flights Around the World!
  • It’s a journey with some of our best whiskeys and wines.
  • Whiskey Experience
    • Those who seek happiness, seek whiskey.
    • The 1682 Whiskey Experience takes you on a journey through three states covering the 1,682 miles between distilleries, each providing a unique take on this American spirit!
    • Garrison Brother Small Batch
    • George Dickel No. 12
    • Sagamore Rye
  • Wine Flights
    • 3 oz. pours of each.
    • Camped in NAPA: Black Stallion, “Limited Release,” Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
    • Hourglass, “HG III,” Red Blend, Napa Valley
    • Schrader, “Double Diamond,” Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville
    • Global Voyage: Château Lassègue, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Wine Flights

Flights Around the World are available for a limited time. Visit the restaurant for more details.
Morton’s The Steakhouse in Naperville is located in Freedom Commons, located just off Interstate 88 at the Naperville Road exit. Boasting a modern and decadent interior as well as a stylish patio, it is as elegant to dine in as it is easy to get to. Located in the heart of one of the nation’s best-loved cities, it is a popular destination for a plate of Bar Bites and a glass of wine at Bar 12•21, or for a relaxing dinner after a busy day. Every detail, from the succulent steaks and seafood and vast wine selections to the seamless service, makes Morton’s the classic dining experience.
How it all began…
Morton’s actually exists today because of…hamburgers! Years ago, before co-founders Arnie Morton and Klaus Fritsch really knew one another, they both worked at the Playboy Club in Montreal. The club was changing the menu, and Klaus cooked a hamburger that was sent out for Arnie to try. Arnie burst into the kitchen, demanding to know “Who cooked that hamburger?”
When Klaus stepped forward, he wasn’t sure if Arnie was going to be pleased or not but was relieved to hear him say that it was the best he’d ever tasted. From that day forward, they called it the “Million-Dollar Hamburger”.
Morton’s achievements are not limited to its four walls of the restaurants. Our culture is one that’s also committed to community service, both locally and nationally.