New Patient $39

Align Health and Wellness

New Patient $39

New Patient $39

Align Health and Wellness is a modern, open-plan health facility with an array of services under one roof. A new patient will be greeted by our warm and welcoming team. The necessary paperwork can be found on our website and brought in with you completed to save time.

Getting Started

You’ll sit down with Dr. Gill for a consultation to discuss what’s brought you in and to ensure that we feel we can help you. Then, we’ll perform a detailed examination to determine the underlying cause of your condition. Facilities to take digital motion X-rays are on-site to take a deeper look. Once all the information has been gathered, we’ll discuss a treatment plan that suits your needs and lifestyle to correct the problem.

Dr. Gill will provide you with a full report of findings from your examination and review your X-rays with you. You’ll understand:

  • What’s wrong
  • How we can help
  • What we plan to do
  • All costs involved

Following Up

At your regular visits, you’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment and any therapies that will assist in your healing. There is minimal waiting as we value your time and respect your schedule.

Re-examinations will be done periodically to assess your progress.

Same-day appointments are available. Contact us today to get started! We accept insurance coverage and offer payment plans through CareCredit®.